The Perks of a Coffee Subscription

Whether you love being on the cutting edge of coffee or you have a tried-and-true favorite, a Peet’s coffee subscription guarantees you’ll get the freshest hand-roasted coffee, delivered to your doorstep with no hassles. With plenty of subscriptions to choose between, the variety is endless. But the perks of a coffee subscription remain awesome.


Free shipping on every order.
We cover the cost, so you can enjoy every cup.

Delivered to your door.
On your doorstep, on your schedule. Ships the same day it roasts, so you can enjoy the freshest coffee imaginable.

Additional savings.
Save more when you spend more – get 5% off orders of $30 – $49.99 or 10% off when you spend more than $50 in your subscription.

10% off any add-ons.
Want to tuck a tin of tea into your monthly shipment? You’ll get a discount.

Exclusive deals and perks.
Special offers, VIP access to new coffees, and swag, hello.

No pressure. No risk.
Pause. Skip. Cancel. Modify. Update. You name it, you’ve got the flexibility to do it.

So, what kind of subscriptions are we talking about?


You know that, here at Peet’s, we’re known for our masterful art of coffee blending. If that’s your bag, you might want to check out our Signature Blends subscription. From fan favorite Major Dickason’s Blend to bright and fabulous Luminosa Breakfast Blend, there’s a blend for everyone and artful perks each and every month. Some shipments even comes with cupping notes—fancy!

An overhead photo of a cup of Peet's Arabian Mocha Java, a bag of Peet's Arabian Mocha Java from the Peet's Signature Blend Coffee Subscription series, and an informational sheet with the coffee story, flavor notes, and cupping notes that comes with each shipment. Also, a muffin.

Perhaps you’re honing your palate and are keen on practicing the art of coffee cupping at home. Our Single Origin subscription offers a world of discovery every month, giving you the opportunity to really dive deep into terroir and region. Love Peet’s designs based on origin but hate rings on your furniture? Cool, you’ll be getting gorgeous coasters along with your monthly subscription. Collect them all!

An overhead photo of a cup of Peet's Guatemala San Sebastian, a bag of Peet's Guatemala San Sebastian from the Peet's Single Origin Coffee Subscription series, and an informational coffee cup coaster with the coffee story, flavor notes, and cupping notes that comes with each shipment. Also, a muffin.

And for the lover of the super rare, the Small Batch subscription. These are microlot coffees from smallholder farms, sustainably sourced because Peet’s has such long and deep relationships with farmers in the best growing regions around the world. These are coffees you really (really) cannot find anywhere else. They get shipped to you each month and then they’re gone. If this sounds incredibly special, it’s because it is.

We see you, Peetnik-who-loves Major. Bonjour, French Roast fanbase. You’re not forgotten, of course you’re not! You know what you like, and you want it coming fresh and on the regular (or on the decaf, for some of you). A Frequent Brewer subscription is what you seek. You can queue up some Aged Sumatra and make sure you never -gasp!- run out. Curious as to how much to order? Let us help you with some coffee math:

A visual guide for how much coffee to order. 1 person, 1 cup a day, order 1 pound a month. 1 person, 2 cups a day, order 2 pounds a month, 2 people, 2 cups a day, order 4 pounds a month. It's coffee math!


And for you, dear reader, the perks of a coffee subscription go on: 30% off your first shipment. Use code NEWSUB30 at checkout and please let us know what you think! We are such coffee enthusiasts and so proud to be able to offer these subscriptions, we’d love to hear your favorites.

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