Welcome to a Fresh Peet’s Experience

The new Peets.com site launch features streamlined navigation whether you're on mobile or desktop. This image of a cell phone and a Peet's coffee subscription exemplifies some of the perks and upgrades that come along with the new site launch.

Our new and improved site is here!

We just launched the new peets.com to give you a fresh new look, a better shopping experience, and more ways to connect with us.


The updated design & navigation makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Our intuitive search bar makes sure that you can find whatever it is you seek.


Tired of clicking through sections and categories? Our revamped mega menu keeps things moving at a good clip, with fewer sections and categories.

Do you prefer shopping by roast? Region? Flavor? Caffeine level? Whatever your coffee filter is, you can use it to find a wide selection of choices. (Okay, we know that “coffee filter” means something else most of the time, but this works, too!)

On-the-go and forgot to order? No sweat. Our new site works beautifully on any device.

I feel the need, the need for speed.


Naturally, we made sure that the site looks beautiful but doesn’t lag. Lightning fast loading speed and simple, 2-step check out keeps you moving (just like our coffee does).


Managing your account is even easier, with a user-friendly dashboard and easy-to-find sections, multiple shipping addresses, and the ability to track orders with the touch of a button. Plus, our subscription management tab lives up to its name, making it effortless to keep track of any or all of your subscriptions.


Not a subscriber (yet)? Our monthly subscriptions are worth exploring, from Frequent Brewer to Small Batch, there’s a vast range of impeccable coffees being enjoyed by subscribers each month. And, like all great clubs, this one has amazing perks. Check it out.


Our Coffee Quiz lets you discover a world of flavor. Take it for a spin and learn a little something while you do.

Here at Peet’s, we love all things coffee and tea—from our commitment to the craft, to our vow of social responsibility, to perfecting every cup by hand roasting each batch and delivering exceptionally fresh. Everything we sell has a beautiful story, every coffee bean has meaning, and every flower and leaf in our tea blends offer inspiration. We encourage you to take a break and take a tour, read the stories behind our blends, and share with us what you love.

  1. Jack says:

    Peet’s.com is great! Fast, beautiful, and fun to shop. This is a real step above. Thanks!

  2. Jack White says:

    Love the new updated website. So much easier to navigate. Thanks for the changes. I am a happy subscriber who loves to experience different coffees. The ability to customize my order each month is much appreciated. Thank you!

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