Celebrate Women in Coffee

Three amazing portraits that celebrate women in coffee - female coffee farmers from Colombia, Rwanda, and Nicaragua


By shining a spotlight on women-grown coffees, we celebrate and recognize the many contributions of women to the world of coffee and support the empowerment of women across the globe.

Coffee production is a labor-intensive practice. From planting, to caring for the trees, to picking, and hand sorting individual beans, it takes many hours and much attention to bring coffee from the tree to your cup. Almost without exception, it is women who take on these tasks, and despite this they are rarely credited or permitted ownership of the work that they do.

– Emily Fernwood, Peet’s Green Coffee Coordinator


This year, we are proud to offer a unique collection of 100% women-grown coffees from across the globe.

Anniversary Blend 2021

Peet’s Anniversary Blend 2021 – Proud to Celebrate Women in Coffee

In 2019, Peet’s started the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship in Huila, Colombia with the help of our friends and partners at Sustainable Harvest, the Universidad EAN, and the Coocentral Cooperative. Each year, 100+ women coffee growers in Garzòn, Colombia expand their skills through business training, enabling their future through income diversification, so they can continue to grow their lives along with their beautiful coffee. Diversifying their income improves their financial resiliency, which leads to healthier lives, children, and communities, and enables women to continue farming exceptional coffee for us—and you.

For every pound we sell, we give $1—up to $50,000 to the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship in Colombia. With every cup you savor, you give back to the women growers at origin. Supporting the women of Coocentral Cooperative means supporting the entire region. We can drink to that.

Graduate of the program, Lucia Alvarez, has been an example of women helping other women, opening her farm to other women within her community to help educate and share information about farming, technology, and business entrepreneurship.

Rwanda Ejo Heza

The women of Ejo Heza farm with a standard of excellence, and this year their efforts have resulted in a jewel of Rwandan coffee. The premiums we pay going directly to the women who grow it, so this is a coffee and story to savor. Feel good about every sip you take.

Las Hermanas

Hands holding green coffee beans ready for processing

The members of Las Hermanas, a cooperative nestled in the coffee-conducive highlands of Jinotega, Nicaragua, understand the inextricable link between coffee quality and quality of life. We’ve been working with them for 18 years, walking their path from subsistence to sustainability.

Three outstanding coffees. Three outstanding stories. Three special coffees that celebrate women in coffee and empower women to grow.

Coffee is a powerful means of doing good.

– Jim Reynolds, Peet’s Roastmaster Emeritus

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